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Hartley trimarans use the latest computer technology in the development of their designs, providing the most accurate determination of all designs parameters, such as design displacement, center of buoyancy, center of gravity and surface areas; just to mention a few. Provided with each design are 40 plus detailed drawings, a design manual and computer software which allows viewing all drawings and listing information. For further explanation of the design benefits  read Design Features. There are many Design Drawings and Section Drawings here for your evaluation.   Visit our Downloads section for Demosoft program and design documentation.

Displayed on this site are four "Reef Runner" designs, ranging in size from 30 to 42 length overall. These designs reflect the designer’s many years of sailing and engineering experience. Many hours have been invested to insure you have the best and most complete trimaran design available.  New low prices on all plans click here. Click on banner text links to navigate site.

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