Specification Abbreviations

Abbreviation Description Abbreviation Description
BD Board Down (Centerboard BU Board Up (Centerboard)
BOA Beam Over All CE Center of Effort
DRY Dry Displacement (Actual) DWL Design Water Line
Disp. or Displ. Displacement LOA Length Over all
LWL Load Water Line WET Wet Displacement (Tankage Only)

Material Abbreviatons

Abbreviation Description Abbreviation Description
BrchPly Birch Plywood Birch White Birch
Balsa DuraKore Strip planking Cedar Western Red Cedar
CedrPly Cedar Plywood DougFir Douglas Fir
DecoPly Decolite Plywood Hickory Hickory
DuraPly DuraKore Plywood HondMag Honduras Mahogany
DougPly Douglas Fir Plywood Oak White Oak
HondPly Honduras Plywood PhilMag Philippine Mahogany
PhilPly Philippine Plywood Pine Yellow Pine
Poplar Yellow Poplar Spruce Sitka Spruce
TeakPly Teak Plywood Teak Burma Teak
AL Aluminum Gage Sheet Metal Gage
Plate Metal Stock Plating Trampol. Trampoline

Database Abbreviations

Abbreviation Description Abbreviation Description
Area Plane Surface Area Aft Behind or toward Stern
Ang. Angle App. Apparent
Asp. Aspect Avg. Average
Beg. Beginning Blkd Bulkhead
Brd. Board BF Board feet
Cab. Cabin Cent. Center or Centroid
CL Centerline Chain Chain plate
CoAng. Co-Angle Comp. Compression
Coff. Coefficient Comb Combing
Com or ComPan Companionway CU Cubic
CF Cubic Feet Def. Deflection
DIA or Dia. Diameter Dth. Depth
Disp. Or Displ. Displacement Edge Beam Leading edge
Elong. Elongation for sail stretch End Outboard end
Flt. Float Frm. Frame
FT Feet Fwd Forward or bow
Head Top of sail / keel / rudder Htg. Height
In. Inner IN Inch
Inc. Increment Lead Leading Edge
LB or Lb. Pound Ltg. Length
Loc. Location Low. Lower
Mat. Material Max. Maximum
Min. Minimum Mom. Moment
Num. Number Out Outer
Overstay Sail head to Masthead Pct. Percent
Pit. Cockpit Plk. Plank or Planking
Pnl. Panel or paneling Rad. Radius
Ref. Reference point Sht. Sheet or sheeting
SF Square feet Skin Beam surface planking
Side Outboard Spc. Spacing
Str. Stringer SQ or Sq. Square
Thk. Thickness Up. Upper
Vel. Velocity VPP Velocity prediction program
Vol. Volume VC Volume center
Wet. Wetted surface area Wing Beam underside
Wtg. or WTG or # Weight in pounds Wth. Width
@ At > To
< From No. Number


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